The Aboriginal community has had an important involvement in the history of the Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service (PLAHS), in particular, in the founding of the service.

The establishment of the PLAHS was a result of a number of Reports and Submissions put to both the Commonwealth and State Governments from the mid 1980’s onwards.

In May 1992, Paul Ashe was appointed as the Health Service Co-ordinator to oversee the early establishment phase of the health service.

In June 1992, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) issued a Capital Establishment Grant for renovations of a building, furniture, fittings and medical equipment. In addition to recurrent funds for the recruitment of staff. At the same time the South Australian Health Commission made an area available within the Health and Welfare Complex on Oxford Terrace.

PLAHS was officially opened on 3rd September, 1993 during the International Year of Indigenous Peoples, by Lowitja O’Donoghue, who was at the time Chairperson of ATSIC. Iris Burgoyne was elected as the Inaugural Chairperson of the Port Lincoln Aboriginal Health Service.

On 3rd September 2013, PLAHS celebrated it’s 20th Year Anniversary with an Open Day and Community BBQ. Board Members and staff members alongside community members, service providers and stakeholders attended both events.